The ensemble of two residential/commercial buildings at Erasmusstrasse 1 and 2 lies in the inner-city locality of Moabit, which is part of the borough of Mitte in Berlin.

All of Moabit, including this western part through which Erasmusstrasse runs, is very urban in character. The street, by the way, derives its name from the Dutch scholar Erasmus of Rotterdam.

The two well-appointed period buildings from 1910 and 1918, respectively, are grouped into a stunning ensemble on a quiet street of very little traffic that runs parallel to Huttenstrasse and Turmstrasse. Your will find a variety of restaurants in this street, among other things. Convenience goods as well as apparel, office supplies and toiletries are available on the nearby high street, Beusselstrasse, where Berlin’s cash and carry warehouse is also located, home to all sorts of wholesalers.

Families benefit from well-organised social structures. Four primary schools complement the social and cultural infrastructure, which includes day nurseries, active sports and social clubs, retailers and not least Kulturfabrik, a cultural centre complete with cinema and factory playhouse.

The population in this central sub-district, which is surrounded by waterways on all sides, is multicultural and colourful. The River Spree and several canals, such as Westhafenkanal and Charlottenburger Verbindungskanal, turn it into a small island in the middle of Berlin. 

No less than 25 bridges for pedestrians, public and private transportation connect this downtown locality with the rest of the city.

Native Berliners and new arrivals from place near and far come together in Moabit, for instance, to take their coffee at Stadtschlosscafé, to discuss literature at Kurt Tucholsky Library, or to have lunch at one of the neighbourhood bistros, pubs or takeaways, including those at the nearby market hall, Arminiusmarkthalle. Business people, creative media professionals and youngsters come to Schultheiss-Quartier in a former brewery compound for a leisurely after-hour stroll. Families and athletes complement the street scene. Large urban parks like Tiergarten nearby lend themselves to outdoor activities like running or walking.

It is the second-largest park in the city and just 15 minutes away. Well-developed transport links by bus, underground and rapid transit trains put the rest of the city as well as long-distance rail connections within easy reach. With its central location, its convenient transportation access, and its proximity to districts like Wedding or Charlottenburg, Moabit is very much in demand among flat hunters, not least because of its waterfront sites.


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